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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

All Indianz began in 2006 promoting Native American Artists, Crafters and Music to Mainstream America through social media sites, magazines, and radio stations around the world.  With the help of Native American artist Keith Secola and Paul DeLuna, who have supported the endeavors of All Indianz from the beginning, we began networking with various festival organizers as well, including our long standing association with Rolling Thunder Enterprises. 


In 2009, we were hired by Scott Welch of Scott Welch Management, Nashville, TN, where  we learned valuable business lessons during our tenure there. Scott Welch has managed may notable careers including Alanis Morissette, Mark Wills, Steve Perry, Collective Soul , to name a few. His film work includes Executive Producer for the movie City of Angels. Our association with Scott Welch Management helped us bring more attention to Native artists and their works and we are very humbled by the opportunity. 

In 2018, our founder who is a Cancer Survivor was at a point she felt comfortable enough to begin working out again. Unbeknownst to her at the time, the preventive cancer drugs they kept her on began another health crisis, pre-diabetes. After years of asking for help with her weight which was at 300lbs, and not being able to lose any of the pounds after almost a year of working out weight, her doctor made her feel as if it were her fault.  In the same week after visiting her doctor she began to search for the root cause on her own discovering through a nutritionist it was the cancer medications they had kept her on.


Unwilling to take diabetic medications which are known to cause various other side effects she turned to THC-Free CBD & Hemp products. In 2019, after studying with a well-known Hemp Shop she launched a line of premium CBD & Hemp  products that were sold online and n various stores within the Upstate of South Carolina. Her line of CBD & Hemp products  began helping others with health issues, including several beloved pets. 


In 2021 we opened the first All Indianz store, then in 2023 moved into a mall. Times have definitely changed, and we changed too. After discovering first hand  shoppers are more at home than in stores and that's where the bulk of sales come from in we live in today. Although our shop experiences were amazing and  filled with learning experiences we decided to refocus more of our time and energy on online sales and our wholesale retailers.

Today, as we continue to move forward we have the opportunity to work with a Native American owned CBD & Hemp Company and look forward to being able to work with many others in the near future. For more about our Premium CBD & Hemp products please visit our Premium CBD & Hemp page or visit our Shop page. For more about our Artists and Crafters, please visit out Artist Page. 

As We Continue to Grow, We Look Forward to Meeting You

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