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All Indianz is one of the world’s largest promotional sites for independent, unsigned and signed Native American and Mainstream artists. We also promote original artworks and crafts by some of the most recognized Native American artists.

Many of the artists on All Indianz include some of the country’s most experienced artists who have stood the test of time; becoming some of the most celebrated and award-winning artists of today, up and coming new artists making a name for themselves and some of the most ground breaking musical artists in music history.

Southern Songs & Stories:

Southern Songs and Stories is a documentary series about the music of the South and the artists who make it. We showcase their performances and discover the stories behind their songs with a look at their lives on stage, in the studio and at home as well as the family, friends, fans and music professionals around them.The series is based in western North Carolina and the surrounding Appalachian and foothill regions, covering an incredible array of musicians and bands hosted by Joe Kendrick who produces Southern Songs and Stories independently, and also serves Western NC and the surrounding Appalachian region as Program Director for WNCW FM documenting the

Documentary series about the music of the South and the artists who make it. Showcasing performances and stories behind the songs.

Hatchetman Presents:

Hatchetman Presents is an Atlanta based company founded in 1998, HatchetMan Presents has grown from a small grassroots marketing and promotion company into a global leader working with record companies, bands, websites, concert promoters, restaurants, music festivals, theatre companies, events, marketing companies and much more. Hatchetman Presents still offers grassroots promotions both regional and national.

LRT Entertainment:

LRT Entertainment is a full service music distribution company, Los Angeles, CA. Distributes music to major retailers, 600-online and mobile retailers – Airplay distribution to Independent and Major Radio – FM, Sirius, College, XMU, AOL, Yahoo, Apple Music, MTV, MTV2, VH1 Radio, Europe FM, China FM, and Australia

Rolling Thunder Enterprises:  

Rolling Thunder specializes in Special Event Promotions, Productions, and Edutainment programming. Specializing in producing cultural showcases, entertainment and diversity programs.  One of the premiere promotional companies on the East coast.

The Metal Summit:

Featured discussions about Rock, Hard Rock and Metal with some of the legendary artists who made it happen and were a part of making it happen; the ones who were there. Tune-In every Wednesday night beginning at 9pm (EST), Stay Positive, and CRANK IT UP to 11 with hosts Jay Oakley, “Psycho” Steve Prestup, Bobby Dreher and Angel Alamo.    The Metal Summit Interviews

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