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American Trash Scores Top 5

American Trash Scores Top 5 On Radio Charts

..Week Ending June 10, 2017

"American Trash" from the self titled album by Jean Beauvoir has been charting on several radio stations during the past few months. Beauvoir, who launched promotions to a select few radio stations April 20, 2017, including several of the Top 50 College Radio stations in the U.S. has been watching a steady rise in airplay. "Angels Cry" | "Shotgun To The Heart" | "There's No Starting Over" | "Never Give Up" and "It's Never Too Late" began hitting radio airwaves during the first week of promotions. On May 6, 2017, the first release off the album "Angels Cry" began hitting radio charts.

"Whiplash" another single was purposely included on the album by Beauvoir in tribute to survivors of abuse and racism. It hit #1 on the 365 Radio Network in May 13, 2017. "Rock Ready" and "Motorcycle Loretta" on the album Faith from the Jean Beauvoir Crown Of Thorns series of albums has been receiving airplay on various 365 Radio Network affiliated stations as well as multiple other songs from his various albums.

"American Trash"

#5 Top 30 Charts

Album: American Trash

Week Ending June 10, 2017

"All I Wanna Do"

#6 Top 30 Charts

Album: Faith (Crown Of Thorns)

Week Ending June 10, 2017


#1 Top 10 Charts

Album: American Trash

Week Ending May 13, 2017

"American Trash" is Beauvoir's most recent album, released through Frontiers Records and is featured in the Classic Rock Magazine "AOR" which also includes a five page retrospective on Beauvoir's career. The American Trash album received 9 out of 10 favorable reviews from all major rock magazines including Classic Rock UK. Since its release, music from the album "American Trash" has continued to receive high marks and positive reviews from music critics, radio and fans alike with more stations becoming aware of the music.

Jean Beauvoir was originally with the Plasmatics, the most outrageous, controversial and successful Punk Rock Metal band ever who influenced generations of up and coming artist's and fashion icons, Beauvoir went on to a multi-platinum solo career who also became a songwriter and producer for the Ramones, another iconic band who influenced generations of artist's and fashion icons as well.

Throughout his storied career, Jean Beauvoir has collaborated (written and/or produced hits) with KISS, The Ramones, John Waite, Debbie Harry, NSYNC, Lionel Richie, Nile Rodgers, Desmond Child, Doro Pesch and many others, including five Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame inductees. His music has been included in well known, successful films throughout his solo career including Cobra (Sylvester Stallone) - Pet Sematary (Stephen King) - School of Rock (Jack Black) - Christmas with the Kranks (Tim Allen, Jamie Lee Curtis and Dan Aykroyd) - Rock 'n Roll High School Forever and many more.

In his most recent interview, Beauvoir speaks about his career, Stallone selecting his music for Cobra, the Plasmatics and his future endeavors with Debbie Mazella, Program Director for Magic 98.3 - New Jersey.

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