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"Rock Ready" Music Features

Indie Tube TV & MTV Rock

Featuring the Hit Single "Rock Ready"

Indie Tube TV, a division of the 365 Radio Network continues with a Rock Classic by the Jean Beauvoir led band Crown Of Thorns. The single recently hit music charts again in the Top 10 on their affiliate station Rock Invasion Radio. The video featured on Indie Tube TV is the Official "Rock Ready" video released by Jean Beauvoir to the network.

"Rock Ready" which was released on the Jean Beauvoir Crown Of Thorns album "Faith" is hailed as "one of the best sounding Crown Of Thorns albums" by music critics. It is filled with everything hard core Rock fans love from soaring guitar riffs to the best in melodic Rock lyrics.

The "Crown Of Thorns" series of album by Jean Beauvoir began with the self titled debut album album in 19940. The debut Crown Of Thorns album hit shops in 1994, hit metal charts one week after release where it stayed for 6-weeks and led Beauvoir to being asking by Jon Bon Jovi to join him on which further exposed the Rock & Metal music of Jean Beauvoir to stadiums worldwide. The album "Faith" was hailed by music critics as "One of the Finest American Hard Rock" albums in recent years and is one of the best Hard Rock albums of its era.

Fast forward to 2016 & 2017: Beauvoir agrees to begin re-releasing music from his original Crown Of Thorns albums, not re-mastered, not re-worked, music the way it was originally recorded all those years ago to a select few radio stations. Music from several Crown Of Thorns albums as well as his multi-platinum solo debut album, Drums Along the Mohawk have been hitting various charts. Further proof you can't suppress great music, it has a way of getting out with a life of its own.

"Rock Ready" from the album 'Faith' is one of several popular songs from the Jean Beauvoir led band Crown Of Thorns series of albums. The single which is regularly performed during his live shows is featured in MTV's Rock Band Game, Indie Tube TV, available for Xbox 360, Play Station 3 and Wii.

Jean Beauvoir just completed taping for a guest appearance on the Wendy Williams Show slated for airing in the near future. Several other guest appearances as well as featured appearances with new music to be announced shortly. We hope you enjoy the music. Stay Tuned, We'll Be Right Back!!!

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