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"After my first solo album, Drums Along the Mohawk and the success of my first rock band (Voodoo X) Jimmy Iovine rang me up to see if I was interested in recording a new solo album for Interscope. At the time, I had been contemplating putting together another rock band and I proposed the idea to Jimmy, he agreed to it and he was very instrumental in helping me create my rock band Crown Of Thorns.

What no one knows is when Jimmy heard the music for the Crown Of Thorns album he didn't say "I like this album", he said "I like that song, that's the song" which has always stuck with me, and that's how I decided to re-record a new version of the song for my upcoming album. It's a nod to Jimmy for everything he did to help further my career."

Beauvoir debuted the new version of the single "Standing On the Corner for Ya" on September 13, 2017, while taping a guest appearance on The Wendy Williams Show. The show will air globally December 29, 2017. He currently wrapped filming a leading role in the movie "The Killer's Requiem" which is scheduled for release in 2019. The first of his 2018 performance bookings is Rock Fest USA, May 2018.

The Album:

When word got out Beauvoir was writing and recording new material at the request of Iovine for Interscope it triggered a well publicized bidding war within the industry. Even Prince, a longtime fan of Beauvoir's from his Plasmatics days began bidding against Iovine and other labels for rights to the album. A $1-million dollar by Prince won the bid however, due to a to a stipulation Prince placed on the offer, which was declined, Interscope emerged the victor.

When word got out Interscope would not be releasing the album, overseas labels who had received advanced copies stepped reigniting bids for rights to the album. When the debut Crown Of Thorns album finally hit shops it was to critical acclaim. It hit Metal Charts one week after release where it stayed for six months. Kerrang! dubbed it “One of the Finest American Hard Rock" albums in recent years. Prince, who had also made several artist deals to Beauvoir through the years remained a fan.

​Originally with the Plasmatics and most easily recognized by his trademark Blonde Mohawk, artist Jean Beauvoir holds one of the most storied careers in music and film. Introduced as the "Greatest Punk Band in the World" by Tom Snyder on his late night TV show, the Plasmatics were the most outrageous, controversial and successful Punk Rock bands of all time. They dominated world press with their legendary stage antics and rebellious Punk Rock message of independence, be who you are and follow your own dreams; while influencing generations of up and coming musicians, fashion icons, television and cinema; influences that are still being seen and heard today.

The iconic Blonde Mohawk of Jean Beauvoir has been an ongoing major influence on US and International pop culture in music, sports, film and TV; including several cartoons. As a seasoned actor, his most recent film work is a leading role in "The Killer's Requiem" set for release in 2019.

To date, he is featured on over 200-albums, has sold over 40-million records worldwide and counting. In addition to his solo career he has collaborated (written and/or produced hits) with the Ramones, KISS, John Waite, Debbie Harry, N'SYNC, Lionel Richie, Nile Rodgers, Desmond Child, Doro Pesch, Andeas Carlsson, Jonghyun (K-pop Super Group Shinee) and others, including five Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame inductees. Currently there are over 700-published songs in the Jean Beauvoir music catalogue for licensing through his company Hot Boy Music. Songs he has written and/or produced for other artist's are also available for licensing including the popular songs "My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down" (Bonzo Goes to Bitburg), and Pet Sematary by the Ramones.

As an entertainment executive he has inked joint venture partnerships throughout his career with Richard Branson (Virgin Records), Al Teller (Columbia Pictures), Ted Fields, Jimmy Iovine (Interscope Records), Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Hartwig Masuch, Martin Bandier, Lance Freed, Desmond Child, Andreas Carlsson, and others.

His new single "Standing On the Corner for Ya" debuted on the Wendy Williams Show, December 29, 2017. The newly recorded single is a nod to music mogul Jimmy Iovine who was instrumental in Beauvoir forming his successful rock band Crown Of Thorns. Jimmy Iovine Remembered

In addition to his time with the Plasmatics, Beauvoir was also a longtime songwriter and producer for the Ramones. Today, both bands are hailed as two of the most revolutionary bands of the twentieth century who influenced music and fashion; and whose influences are still being seen and heard today through various artist's, sports athletes, fashion icons, film, cartoons, television and gaming. Members of both bands are hailed as the original O.G. Punks and considered the Godfather's and Grand Dame (Wendy O. Williams) of Punk & Metal.

In 2002, the Ramones were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and honored with a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011. The Plasmatics were featured in the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame in 2017.

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