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On the Verge with the Disciples of Babylon

When Debbie Mazella, PD for Magic 98.3 New Jersey launched her "On the Verge" (OTV) featured series, the Disciples of Babylon were one of the first bands she interviewed. She says she was drawn to their debut 3-song EP because each song was unique, and after interviewing lead singer Eric Knight, she knew this band was destined for great things.

Since that initial interview she overheard one of their songs, "KARMA" from the debut EP playing at a Black Sabbath farewell concert and has watched as other stations and music critics worldwide began talking about and spinning music by the band; as well as being the opening act for other well known touring bands. They were also considered to open for mega star Jon Bon-Jovi during his U.S. "This House Is Not For Sale" tour.

Three of the band members sat down with Debbie last week for another interview. As posted by Debbie Mazella "On The Verge" with the Disciples of Babylon:

Well, here we are, two years later, and they're getting ready to release their first full length CD, produced by Andres Torres, known for his work on the smash single "Despacito!" I couldn't be any prouder of these talented musicians who I now call friends, and I know you're going to enjoy "The Rise And Fall Of Babylon!" Please give their music a listen, and give this band some social media love!

"The Rise & Fall of Babylon" is scheduled for release October 6, 2017. The Disciples of Babylon are hosting a release party for the album with featured guest bands on Thursday, October 5, 2017, at the World Famous Viper Room, Hollywood, CA.

One the Verge Interview | Disciples of Babylon

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