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New Album Makes Music History

Official Press Release

November 1, 2017

It's rare for an album to make music history before being released however, that is what Jan Michael Looking Wolf has accomplished with his most recent album set for release, complete with a release party and concert in just a few short days.

"Flute Medicine" by Jan Michael Looking Wolf is not only a labor of love for the multi-award winning artist, it is one of his most spiritual journeys to date. Taking over a year to write and record in order to achieve the proper sounds of traditional indigenous instruments, Looking Wolf achieved a first in recorded history. "Flute Medicine" is the first recording in history with the Native American flutes completely recorded in 432Hz, an alternative tuning that many have longed considered in balance with the universe.

Looking Wolf chose to go back in history making the recording as authentic as possible yet, just as competitive today in both contemporary Native American and Mainstream music arenas. Being a spiritualist himself, one who uses meditation regularly to destress, Looking Wolf found music based on 432Hz, because of its tone, transmits a more beneficial healing energy. It allowed him to track ancient melodies with Tibetan Prayer

Bowls, traditional flute infused with native drums, reggae influences, meditative solo flutes, and contemporary ballads with acoustic guitars making the album relevant in today's society.

The album, which has only been heard in private and limited releases has been grabbing the attention of music listeners of various ages from different walks of life and musical manifests, many referring to it as a ​must have for any music enthusiast. The album is a collaboration of High Spirits Music (AZ), Cedarfeather Productions (OR) and Spirit Wind Records (NY), recorded with former Sony Artist Keith Sommers and featuring Neal Grandstaff on acoustic guitars.

It is the sequel to Ascension, Jan Michael's 2016 full length album which won Best Music Video (Best Performance) at the 2017 Native American Music Awards. Preview Tracks of the album and purchase the album on iTunes. Broad distribution of the album will go to over 700 in-store retailers globally and play on ambient/new age radio.

"After many years as a recording artist with over 20-full length recordings I honestly feel "Flute Medicine" is by far one of my most beautiful works. I hope every listener finds love, peace, and enlightenment in its melodies." - Jan Michael Looking Wolf

Visit the official site of Jan Michael Looking Wolf for more details and information regarding upcoming performances.

​"A modern master of the Native American Flute, a premier performer of the instrument of our time" - The Billboard Journal

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