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That Plasmatics Fellow | On the Verge

Debbie Mazella, PD for Magic 98.3 - New Jersey recently took her listeners into Brooklyn for music by artist Paul DeCoster. As one would expect he talks about his own musical influences including Lionel Richie, The Police, Sting, The Eagles, Bryan Adams, Leo Sayer and several others. He also brings up that fellow from the Plasmatics who he references as having quite a musical experience and quite a resume.

Originally with the Plasmatics, the most outrageous, controversial and successful Punk Rock bands in music, Beauvoir went on to a successful, multi-platinum solo career before forming his two successful Hard Rock bands, Voodoo X and Crown Of Thorns. As a longtime songwriter and producer for the Ramones, Beauvoir became forever tied to two of the most revolutionary bands in music. As a songwriter and producer he has collaborated (written and/or produced hits) with KISS, Lionel Richie, Desmond Child, Doro Pesch, N'SYNC, Debbie Harry and many others.

Beauvoir debuted his new single "Standing On the Corner for Ya" on the Wendy Williams Show in September. It has been distributed to College, FM and Major Internet Radio and is currently spinning on several stations. "Standing On the Corner for Ya"

Today, Jean Beauvoir is hailed as an original O.G. Punk, a Godfather of Punk & Metal and is well known for his Hard Rock, Pop and R&B hits. He is currently filming "The Killer's Requiem" in which he was cast in a leading role, re-released his album Vol. 1: The Awakening by his rock band Voodoo X to radio in October, and booked the first of several 2018 appearances including Rock Fest USA 2018. His single "Where Are You Christmas" is his 2017 Holiday single which is currently being distributed to radio.

We'll be announcing more soon.

DeCoster | On the Verge with Debbie Mazella

Jean Beauvoir | On the Verge with Debbie Mazella

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