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NATIVE SONS: Influences of Deep Purple

"If I am totally honest, the Blues / Hard Rock stylings really came together in a truly delectable combination. “Had Enough Of Me” and “Here And Now” really spoke to me, the stylings were really starting to give me some DEEP PURPLE sample vibes." — Will Travers,

Native Sons is currently supporting their their debut album “The Natives Are Restless”

Released in the Spring of 2021 via HighVolMusic

Using live shows to try out new songs while delivering a high-energy and action-packed set of Rock & Roll, Native Sons is preparing to record a new album of material set to be released in the Spring of 2022.

***Source: The above is the Official Promotion for the Rock Band Native Sons

All Indianz Promotions is sharing to help further their brand awareness

In the meantime, even during COVID restrictions Native Sons has managed to play several large music festivals, twice on the same venue as Kip Winger and a few other well-known Rockers.

NATIVE SONS may be the new guys on the block, but they're in great company! Just Sayin'

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Ashton Blake, Vocals Mike Little, Drums Victor Adriel, Guitar JT Shae, Guitar Jim Quiggins, Bass


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