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May 2, 2017


One of Music's Most Influential Artist's
One of the World's Most Successful Bassist
Featured on Over 200-Albums to Date & Counting
 Ranked One of Music's "Top 50 Black Rockers of All Time"

(Guitar Magazine) 


Brooklyn Tony Rock Show 
with Special Guest Jean Beauvoir

Featuring Music by The Plasmatics


Most easily recognized by his trademark Blonde Mohawk, artist Jean Beauvoir, originally with The Plasmatics, holds one of the most storied careers in music history. Introduced as the "Greatest Punk Band in the World" by Tom Snyder on his late night TV show, The Plasmatics, were the most outrageous, controversial and successful Punk Rock bands of all time. They dominated the world press performing before millions around the world with their legendary stage antics and rebellious Punk Rock message while influencing generations of up and coming musicians and fashion icons; influences that are still being talked about and seen today by such diverse artists as CeeLo Green, Lady Gaga, Corey Glover (Living Color), Miley Cyrus and Rihanna just to name a few. Even NFL Superstar Odell Beckham Jr. is now sporting a trademark Blonde Mohawk.    


After departing The Plasmatics, Beauvoir became just as successful as a solo artist, lead vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music executive. Signed by Richard Branson of Virgin Records for his platinum debut solo album “Drums Along The Mohawk”, spawning the international hit "Feel the Heat" which Sylvester Stallone hand picked as the lead track for his film COBRA, to numerous other successes throughout his career including his two successful Hard Rock | Metal bands Voodoo X and Crown of Thorns. Three albums from the Jean Beauvoir Crown Of Thorns series are as popular today as when first released:


The Jean Beauvoir Crown Of Thorns Series:

Jean Beauvoir | Crown Of Thorns: The Crown Of Thorns self titled debut album triggered a highly publicized bidding war within the industry. Even Prince, a longtime fan of Beauvoir's since his Plasmatics days began bidding against major labels offering as high as $1M for rights to the album. When the highly anticipated album finally hit shops it was to critical acclaim. It hit the Metal Charts one week after release where it stayed for six months. Kerrang dubbed the album “One of the Finest American Hard Rock" albums in recent years.


Jean Beauvoir | Crown Of Thorns: "Lost Cathedral" - The Lost Cathedral album featuring Steven Van Zandt as co-writer on three songs with Max Norman (Ozzy Osbourne/Megadeth) mixing the album is hailed as “One of the Best Hard Rock Albums of the Decade” by the press.


Jean Beauvoir | Crown Of Thorns:  "Faith" - The Faith album, released through Sony Red is hailed as "Probably the Best Sounding Crown Of Thorns album" by the press. Many believe Beauvoir's album "Faith" brought back the trademark Crown Of Thorns sound as defined in his self titled "Crown Of Thorns" debut album as well as in his Crown Of Thorns "Lost Cathedral" album, keeping in tact all the elements of infectious guitar riffs, soaring hook lines and great melodies. “Rock Ready” from the album is featured in MTV’s ROCK BAND GAME and is available for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii.


"Drums Along the Mohawk" is currently beginning to see a resurgence in interest by music fans. Several videos from the album have seen huge increases in views over the past several months. "Feel the Heat" | "Missing the Young Days" | "Gamlin Man" | "Nina" among the more popular. Beauvoir's most recent album "American Trash" has been well received since its release through Frontiers/Universal. It is currently being well received at radio and by music fans alike through social networks online.


The highly anticipated American Trash album, a musical collaboration with former writing partner Micki Free (subtitled the Beauvoir/Free project) began receiving high accolades by members of the press. Upon release, Classic Rock Magazine "AOR" featured a five page retrospective of Beauvoir's career featuring the album which received 9 out of 10 favorable reviews from all major rock magazines including Classic Rock UK. Since its release, music from the album "American Trash" has continued to receive high marks and positive reviews from music critics, radio and music fans alike with more stations becoming aware of the music.


The video for the single "Voodoo Queen" by Jean Beauvoir on Vol. 1: The Awakening with his band Voodoo X is the only song in music history to ever be recorded during an actual live Voodoo ritual by Max Beauvoir who is well known as the Godfather of Voodoo. The album is still considered "One of the Best Hard Rock" albums of its era by music critics.


Hailed as "One Badass Rock Show" Brooklyn Tony doesn't miss the opportunity to cover Beauvoir's storied career in the music industry. They cover Beauvoir's early career from being the musical director for Gary US Bonds at age 14, to his time with the Plasmatics, one of the most outrageous, controversial and successful Punk/Metal bands ever, his multi-platinum solo career featuring "Feel The Heat" | Beauvoir's two Hard Rock | Metal bands Voodoo X and Crown of Thorns | his collaborations (writing and/or producing hits) with KISS, The Ramones, John Waite, Debby Harry, NSYNC, Lionel Richie, Nile Rodgers, Desmond Child, Doro Pesch and many others, including five Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame inductees | his music in movies throughout his solo career including Cobra (Sylvester Stallone) - Pet Sematary (Stephen King) - School of Rock (Jack Black) - Christmas with the Kranks (Tim Allen, Jamie Lee Curtis and Dan Aykroyd) - Rock 'n Roll High School Forever and more.


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