New Horror Film Carries on Tradition

March 6, 2018


New Horror Film Carries On Tradition

 A chance encounter between a Harvard Professor and a "Pope of Voodoo" in the early 1980's changed the course of movie making shinning a bright light on horror films, globalizing the appetites for horror films and forever changing filmmaking. 


Harvard Professor Wade Davis who had a chance encounter with Max Beauvoir, the Haitian Pope of Voodoo, inspired Davis to write his 1986 book “The Serpent and the Rainbow” which focused on the voodoo process of making zombies, crediting Beauvoir and his daughter Rachel with guiding his research.  

Through Davis, Beauvoir proved to the world zombies were real which led to a global fascination with the living dead after Davis wrote "The Serpent and the Rainbow" which Wes Craven turned into a blockbuster movie which changed horror film making forever sparking new generations of zombie movies, myths and horror stories that are continuing to be made into films today. The highly popular film "Shocker' by Wes Craven followed with the title track penned by Jean Beauvoir. 


Jason Blum, the King of Horror filmmaking (Sinister, The Purge, Insidious) in 2014 inked a 10-Year Production Deal with Universal Pictures and First Look Deals with other NBC Universal Businesses. In 2018, it was announced Michael Meyers and Jamie Lee Curtis would return in the new Halloween movie being produced by Trancas International Films, Blumhouse Productions, and Miramax furthering the hopes of horror fans around the world horror films are alive and well. 


Most recently, writer/director Brian McLane stepped into the "New Age of Filmmaking" with his horror film "The Killer's Requiem" set for release in 2019. Filmed from November 2015 through March 2017 in New York City, as well on Florida’s treasure coast, “The Killer’s Requiem” is a courageous filmmaking debut by McLane (Palm Aisles Pictures) that pushes the envelope, and is everything a faith-based film isn't.  

 "The Killer's Requiem" Movie Trailer

McLane, who drew his inspiration for the film from New York City films of the 1970's, emulates a John Cassavetes' type style and mood, as the action gradually careens out of control. An original rock music feature film "The Killer's Requiem" is about a single father turned serial killer, who is the subject of a bet between God and the Devil based on Romans 5:20 (the "Sufficient Grace" passage). The revolutionary part of 'The Killer's Requiem" is McLane brings mobile filmmaking into its own as the film was shot entirely on an iPhone 6s Plus using veteran actors.   VIP Screening New York City

The film features veteran actors Jean Beauvoir (Plasmatics, Ramones, KISS), Tim Russ (Star Trek Voyager), Lloyd Kaufman (Toxic Avenger), Christopher Showerman (Supergirl), George Hardy (Best Worst Movie), and features several standout performances by Carol August (80 years young), Sofia McLane (8 years old). Aleksandra Trochimiuk and Emily Eden.


Brian McLane is the founder of Splash Video and Palm Aisles Pictures. In Episode 7 of the SBP Podcast (The Voice of Mobile Film) McLane shares a lot of details on what it took to make a full-length film shot with an iPhone guerilla style with a Hollywood cast. You can hear more about the making of the film at SBP Podcast - The New Age of Mobile Filmmaking.   SBP Podcast with Brian McLan


Lloyd Kaufman (Troma Entertainment) recently spoke about appearing in Palm Aisles Pictures "The Killer’s Requiem", set to hit the festival circuits starting with The Russian International Horror Film Awards in Moscow on March 28th. Lloyd Kaufman Interview

Jean Beauvoir, who portrays the leading role of 'Lucifer/Bael' in the new horror film "The Killer's Requiem" by Palm Aisles Pictures is the nephew of Max Beauvoir who helped Wade Davis and Wes Craven bring life to horror and zombie movies around the world. Max Beauvoir became Haiti's Supreme Chief in 2008 and led Haiti's main Priests' organization until his death in 2015. His legacy lives on through the work he did for his Native country, his political and global influences, as well as his works in the arts through film, music and video.


McLane is now taking "The Killer's Requiem" to screenings at various venues in the US and abroad. Watch for more updates on "The Killer's Requiem" as it moves through the film festival circuit at and at Palm Aisles Pictures, New York City.


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