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Raising the Dead

..Influences Come in Many Ways

I was a small child but I still remember to this day the first time I saw Willie Nelson on television, years before the long hair and he was wearing a suit. Even then, as young as I was, I knew something was different and can still remember thinking he doesn't fit that suit.

Around the same time me and my little brother would often listen to 45's on a big pull out turntable, some of them by people named Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings, as well as other icons of Country music. Then we started seeing some of them on t.v. too, along with that rebel called Kris Kristofferson. None of them wore rhinestone suits, they looked different and their music was too.

Little did we know we they would change Country Music forever, and we liked it.

Last year someone sent me link to the band QUOR and I listened for a minute. This year the band posted a Halloween video that caught my eye, I pressed play and started laughing, which doesn't happen very often. So I decided to check them out for a little more than a minute. And that's where the story gets interesting.

I read through various articles, many naming a lot of famed rock and metal bands as influences and then I read one that asked "Who would like to be?" - "The Highwaymen", followed by "Who would you like to tour with - Willie Nelson and that's impressive.

While traveling down the Pacific Coast Highway a band member saw a liquor store sign with the "L"and the "I" missing. It fits with their attitude, refusing to be labeled, much like those four rebels of country music who did their way. Makes me wonder what The Highwaymen would say to helping influence a Hard Rock / Metal / Punk band of today.

The band QUOR has been making a lot of noise as an independent band for a few years now. Give them a listen if you have a minute and read some of their interviews. They are more than just a Rock band who plays Meal and Punk, they are different and they are going to be huge.

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