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"Angels Cry" | Most Requested

"Angels Cry" • Most Requested Song

Canadian All Rock & Metal Radio

"Angels Cry" by Jean Beauvoir from his newest album American Trash (Frontiers Records) is a musical collaboration with former writing partner Micki Free subtitled Beauvoir/Free. Beauvoir, well known in the music industry as a singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist produced, engineered and played all instruments on the album sharing only guitar tasks.

"Angels Cry" once again has reached the #1 Most Requested Position on Revolution X Radio Chart for the week ending June 3, 2017. It tied for the #1 Most Requested Position on the station with the single "The Healer" by Crown Of Thorns, the Jean Beauvoir led band from his debut Crown Of Thorns album series. Crown Of Thorns, one of two bands formed by Beauvoir which he uses to facilitate his music in different arenas worldwide separate from his solo and collaborative projects with other artists. Two albums from both of his bands Crown Of Thorns and Voodoo X are part of music history, as are some of his solo projects.

The album "American Trash" debuted on Revolution X Radio, Ontario, Canada April 20, 2017 where it was well received by listeners. On May 6, 2017, the single "Angels Cry" the title track on the album reached the #2 Most Requested Position on the station; reaching the #1 Most Requested Position on May 20, 2017 with music fans once again selecting the single enough to make it #1 again.

Upon release, Classic Rock Magazine "AOR" featured the album including a five page retrospective on the storied career of Jean Beauvoir alongside other well know Rockers and Rock bands including Aerosmith, Foreigner and Bryan Adams. The album "American Trash" received 9 out 10 reviews from all major rock magazines including Classic Rock UK.

Fans of Jean Beauvoir can hear his most recent interview with Debbie Mazella, PD for Magic 98.3 where they touch on his career with The Plasmatics, his multi-platinum solo career, Sylvester Stallone personally selecting his single "Feel The Heat" for his film Cobra, his thoughts on rumors Stallone may bring Cobra back, his trademark Blonde Mohawk and more at

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