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LORDI - Like A Bee To The Honey (featuring Michael Monroe) Written by Paul Stanley & Jean Beauvoir #1 - 2020 _AFM Records

This is my third time interviewing Jean Beauvoir, and for some reason, I always get butterflies in my stomach before he calls, but once we start talking, it’s as if I’ve known him for years, and it turns into a wonderful conversation about music, collaboration, and, life in 2020! Give a listen and get some behind the scenes info about how a friendship with Paul Stanley (KISS) helped a band have a number one smash, who Jean’s working with these days, and the thing he can’t wait to get back to post Covid! He’s a stellar human and musician, and I hope you enjoy the interview and connect with Jean on socials to keep up with his next musical project! ​​

..."It turns into a wonderful conversation about music, collaboration, and life in 2020!", Debbie Mazzella, PD Magic 98.3 on interviewing iconic artist, producer singer,songwriter Jean Beauvoir.

Since their last meeting, Jean Beauvoir stopped over in New Jersey for a performance at the famed Debonair Music Hall (November 28, 2018) while on his way for a headlining show at Germany's revered H.E.A.T. Festival on December 1st. Prior to departing New Jersey he was invited to attend the upcoming New Jersey KISS Expo, December 7th - 9th, where after returning from Germany he reunited with old friends like Lita Ford (The Runaways, Solo), caught up on their Punk days at CBGB's, and performed with others like Ace Frehley, Bobby Rock, Vinnie Appice and more.

He rang in the New Year with a guest performance at the Hall of Heavy Metal History (January 23, 2019) where he also inducted legendary producer Max Norman (Ozzy, Uriah Heep, Y&T), attended NAMM 2019, the Randy Rhoads Tribute Show, and the Ultimate NAMM Night (Anaheim Hilton) with Jens Lundberg (Mikkey Dee) and Magnus Ax of Spinroad Vinyl Factory (Sweden & Nashville, TN).

He then took off for FInland to attend the KISS & Hard Rock Convention II where he was a special guest performer.

Afterward, he finally met FInnish Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band LORDI, traveled to Mr. Lordi's castle where they collaborated on songs for LORDI's upcoming album and all things in between before capping off the year at Kruise Fest 2019 - the KISS Kruise Pre-Party (Miami, FL).​

The beginning of 2020 looked just as promising until COVID, the cancellation of his performance at Sweden Rock with other postponements following. Without missing a beat he and Paul Stanley celebrated when their single "Like A Bee to the Honey'' was released in video by LORDI, hitting #1.

Since then, Beauvoir has kept busy doing things like collaborating with Lita Ford for music on her new album, collaborating with a well-known Country artist for a possible duet, among other things, and of course you never know what those KISS guys are cooking up together.

An Original Punk: Jean Beauvoir is an originator. From his tenure as the bass player for legendary punk band, The Plasmatics, to his time writing and producing with The Ramones, to his solo career, Jean spent a lifetime ahead of the curve. Nathan Leigh" (Afro Punk Magazine).

Today, Jean Beauvoir is one of the most celebrated Godfathers of Punk & Metal who also pursued a successful career in Hard Rock becoming "One of the Most Influential Black Rockers of All Time" (Guitar World Magazine).

As a member of the Plasmatics, the most outrageous, controversial, successful Punk band ever and a longtime songwriter /producer for the Ramones, hailed as the greatest Punk band in the world, Jean Beauvoir will forever be linked to two of the most revolutionary bands of the twentieth century.

As for Rock 'n Roll, being a part of the KISS family, will forever link Jean Beauvoir to One of the Greatest American Rock 'n Roll bands of All-Time, and when is comes to live shows. KISS is KING!

Of all his accomplishments, Jean Beauvoir holds his longtime friendship and brotherhood with Paul Stanley closest to his chest. Jean Beauvoir and Paul Stanley are well-known for co-writing the KISS songs "Who Wants to be Lonely", "Thrills in the Night" and "Uh! All Night", with Jean playing bass on the KISS ANIMALIZE and ASYLUM albums.

ANIMALIZE was Certified Platinum in the U.S.and Canada, Gold in Canada, with ASYLUM Certified Gold in the U.S. and Canada. .Paul Stanley and Jean Beauvoir also share co-writing credits on albums by Crown of Thorns and Voodoo X, Jean Beauvoir's band projects. Their Story Continues..

KISS" is the greatest rock and roll band of all time. Period. So the fact that I had the opportunity to work with them, it’s legendary. It will last forever”, Jean Beauvoir.


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