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NEW: Loud, Unapologetic Rock 'n Roll


The Hard Rock/Metal band KICKIN VALENTINA have announced their “Revenge of Rock” tour will hit Europe this May. with 18-dates covering 9-different countries. A long-overdue European trek for the band who has a huge fan base in both the U.S. and Europe comes after the release of their recent album "The Revenge Of Rock" via Mighty Music (January 2021). The band is ready and eager to properly introduce the music to live audiences, which they couldn't do immediately after the release due to Covid.

"After all of the craziness in the world for the past two years, we are really looking forward to getting back on tour in Europe again. Since our last album "The Revenge of Rock" came out in January of 2021, we've had to cancel four different tours over there. We can't wait to finally play these new songs live for fans that haven't had a chance to see us in a couple of years" states bassist Chris Taylor.

KICKIN VALENTINA, formed in Atlanta, GA., by guitarist Heber Pampillon and drummer Jimmy Berdine in 2013 has toured the U.S. opening for artists as diverse as Buckcherry, Queensryche, Pop Evil, Fozzy, Skid Row, Red Dragon Cartel, Sebastian Bach, Doro, Eve to Adam, Faster Pussycat, Nonpoint, Kix, and LA Guns to name a few.

We've heard the album, more than once. If you like Rock 'n Roll, you're going to fall in love with Kickin Valentina, it's just the way Rock 'n Roll goes.

**Some material for this posting is from the Official Site of Kickin Valentina


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