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Winona's Hemp Farm

Our Seven Generations and Seventh Fire prophecies tell us we are in the time when we have a choice between two paths. One path is well worn, scorched and leads to our destruction. The other path is new, green and leads to Mino-Bimaadiziwin (the good life). We must choose to walk the new path.

We have made a commitment to grow the future, to grow hope. Here Omaa Akiing, in the land to which the people belong- we are doing that.

Winona’s Hemp and the Anishinaabe Agricultural Institute are working to restore foodways, rematriate seeds, and make a new economy; one based on local food, energy and fiber. We have two branches: Winona’s Hemp for the cloth of the future and Anishinaabe Agriculture, our tax-exempt sister organization focused on regenerative and post petroleum or reduced petroleum agriculture and restoration of traditional varieties of our food.

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