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Derek Davis | Revolutionary Soul

..June Edition of ROCKWired MAGAZiNE Features Derek Davis

While at Arista Records, Babylon A.D. released two critically acclaimed CDs: The self-titled Babylon A.D. in 1990, which reached gold status, and Nothing Sacred in 1992. The band's first release produced three Top 10 songs on the A.O.R Metal charts: “Bang Go the Bells,” “Hammer Swings Down,” and “Kid Goes Wild.” The last track was the trailer track featured in the Orion Pictures film RoboCop 2. The band’s sophomore release Nothing Sacred produced two more Top 10 metal rockers: “Bad Blood” and “So Savage The Heart.”

With strong video rotation on MTV and constant touring, Babylon A.D. soon became one of hard rock fans’ most popular bands. As a former songwriter/co-publisher with Virgin/EMI Records, Davis has been fortunate to write songs and collaborate on various music projects with many notable songwriters and producers such as Jack Ponti (Alice Cooper and Bon Jovi), Tom Werman (Motley Crue and Cheap Trick), Taylor Rhodes (Aerosmith), Gene Black (Rod Stewart), and Michael Anthony (Van Halen).

Derek Davis, former Arista Records recording artist and Babylon A.D. front man follows up the successful reception of his first solo debut REVOLT with his new 12-song release, REVOLUTIONARY SOUL—a diverse collection of songs in which Davis pens nine, plays all instruments, sings, arranges, and produces. He recently sat down with Brian Lush at ROCKWiRED MAGAZiNE to discuss his career and music.

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