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Hold Those Veteran Colors High

Freedom Rings In the USA

Don't Just Happen Cause We Pray

There's Folks That Served to Make It Right

They Risked Their Lives to Help Us Sleep at Night

To All the Veteran's of This Land

We Salute Your Fearless Bands

Two songs featured in our music box are by son's of lifelong Veterans who were born in different parts of the world during their father service to our Country. "Hold Those Veteran Colors High" by Jim Boyd, born on Edwards Air Force Base , raised on the Colville Indian Reservation and "Crack in the Armor" by Clay DuBose who was born in France, raised in Hawaii and Texas.

"Hold Those Veteran colors High" by Jim Boyd is from his album Harley High, the only album of music in recorded history targeting one specific group of people. It was on the desk of Harley Davidson for potential worldwide sponsorship shortly after recording. Due to the decline in the economy at the time, Boyd pulled the album. His lifelong love of riding Harley motorcycles was well known, as was his support of Veteran's. Jim Boyd was the recipient of numerous music awards, nominations, and was a Lifetime Achievement Award winner. He was the Tribal Leader of The Coville Confederated Tribes of Washington State at the time of his passing.

Music from the album Harley High was placed before Kid Rock for possible recording consideration shortly before Boyd's passing. His response was his touring schedule was too tight to fit it in for recording that year. The album was also placed before Kevin Costner for possible booking and/or sponsorship consideration during Sturgis 2016.

"Crack In the Armor" by Clay Dubose is from his popular album These Days, a 12-song album ending with Garth Hudson of The Band on piano and accordion accompanying Dubose in a reading of Bob Dylan's "I Threw It All Away". The album debuted at #14 on AMA R&R Charts, Hit #6 on Americana Radio 7 Records Charts, spent 7-weeks in the Top 10 and 18-weeks in the Top 40 respectfully.

On Behalf of All Indianz Promotions and the Artist's Thank You to All the Veteran's Who Have and Continue to Serve. Thank you and your families for the Sacrifices you have made for the Freedoms We Enjoy.

We hope you enjoy the 12-songs in our music box including "America the Beautiful" by legendary recording artist Buffy Sainte-Marie.

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