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"Your Life" | Unreleased Track

....The Beginning of a New Revolution in Rock | The Osceola Brothers

Music by the Osceola Brothers is a fusion of hard-driving Rock filled with themes expressing the highs and lows to which youth of today can relate. They should know, they are still teenagers themselves.

Cameron Osceola | Lead Vocals | Guitar | Songwriter:

At 19, Cameron Osceola whose influences include Tom Petty and Jimi Hendrix has a stage presence much like some of the greats in Rock 'n Roll before him. His raspy voice and aggressive guitar playing fuse traditional blues with rock 'n roll, creating a unique sound. Cameron is the inspiration behind much of The Osceola Brothers' music.

Tyson Osceola | Bass | Vocals:

At 17, Tyson Osceola whose influences include Flea, Geddy Lee, and Nikki Sixx has a stage presence all his own and a driving force within the band. His showmanship on stage with his brothers is filled with rock 'n roll soul that is felt throughout their performances.

Sheldon Osceola | Drummer | Vocals:

At 14, Sheldon Osceola is a high energy character influenced by the likes of John Bonham, Jason Sutter, Tommy Lee and other well known rock drummers. Whether he is playing drums, cymbals, sticks, cowbells, or phone books, he locks into a groove causing and that's when everything and everyone near him starts rocking.

The Osceola Brothers have opened for Derek Miller, Creedence Clearwater Revisited, Sarah Evans, Keith Secola, Robert Randolph, Indigenous, Jonny Lang and Lynyrd Skynyrd. In January 2015, they were headliners at the Hard Rock Café Hollywood that was filled to over capacity. The same year they played the Hard Rock Rising Festival in Barcelona, Spain with Lenny Kravitz, Kings of Leon and more.

The Osceola Brothers give a cold shoulder to today's popular music, and are a rebellion to the music and techniques of today. With a ever-growing fan base and a resurgence in music fans wanting to hear more traditional rock 'n roll, we look forward to watching this new, young band of brothers making their mark in music.

Their debut EP "Out of Nowhere" is available now. You can listen on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, and anywhere music is sold. Their latest "Your Life" is an unreleased demo.

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