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"FREEDOM" | New Release

Disciples of Babylon

..Music by: Eric Knight, Ramon Blanco & Gui Bodi Lyrics by: Eric Knight Oppress us no more We've waited for this day Our rights have been taken Your rule is coming to an end The faster that we rise above And we scream from our lungs FREEDOM! GIVE US FREEDOM BACK WE CRAVE FREEDOM WE STAND STRONG Obessive tyranny This fuels the fire in us You take dreams and our beliefs Your reign is coming to an end The stronger that we all become And we scream from our hearts FREEDOM! TAKE OUR FREEDOM BACK WE PRAISE FREEDOM WE STAND STRONG

The official audio track for "FREEDOM" from the forthcoming album 'The Rise and Fall of Babylon' due out October 6th 2017. You can pre-order the new album and receive the single "FREEDOM" instantly at

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