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Rewriting History

DuBose, well known for his songwriting and vocal skills as the lead singer of Normandy, the popular Los Angeles based rock band, was talked into writing and recording something different when the band broke up. The result paid off with his solo debut Rewriting History album, his first foray into the Americana genre, The album rapidly hit various music charts, reaching #17-on the European Music Associations Top 200 Chart and #38-on the Top 40 Album of the Year - AMA / R&R Americana Charts.

"Love Me Two Times", a cover of the Doors classic, from the album Rewriting History by Clay DuBose climbed Music Row Charts upon release and was immediately added to 33-Playlists internationally.

If Your Heart Ain't Broke", another single on the album became a hit with fans on regular radio as well as satellite radio reaching "One of the Top Tracks of the Year" status. (Big Kev Ploghoft / WDVR Radio & SIRIUS Satellite Radio Host)

The album won DuBose the coveted Texas Horizon Award. It began its re-release to radio Monday, October 16, 2017.


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