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Women Who Rock | LOUD

Well, the wine could have had a little something to do with the delay, maybe more of the salty dogs. We were a lot busy in March, but we did get it done.

Debbie is the Program Director for Magic 98.3 FM in New Jersey. She is also the Host of On The Verge where she spotlights artist's in various genres of music, promotes featured interviews with artist's and more. And, now every once in awhile we just talk music together and things like this happen....This is our tribute to some really cool, iconic females in music; and yes, some of them ROCK, LOUD so hold on and by all means, be shocked. Just Saying...

So, this is what happens when my friend Myra and I have a glass of wine and talk about music! In honor of National Women's month, we came up with 5 females who we admire, and of course, rock!

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