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"Feel The Heat" | Front Page News

For Immediate Release:

Music Industry News Network

Sunday, July 2, 2017

The interview by Debbie Mazella, PD for Magic 98.3 FM, New Jersey, with multi-platinum recording artist Jean Beauvoir has been distributed once again to various news and entertainment outlets through the Music Industry News Network (Mi2N) and Music Dish websites with several front page features. The Mi2N news network is also running ads for the press release in the Mi2N newsletters.

Beauvoir, originally with the Plasmatics, the most outrageous, successful Punk Rock bands ever went on to write and produce for the legendary Ramones. Ironically, both bands are now considered to be the pioneers of Punk Rock, Hailed as the Godfather's of Punk and Metal along with the Grand Dame of Punk Rock, Wendy O. Williams. Both bands influenced generations of artist's and fashion icons alike, whose influences are still being felt today.

After leaving the Plasmatics, Beauvoir toured with Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul before finding fame with his own multi-platinum solo career. His debut album Drums Along the Mohawk containing the hit single "Feel the Heat" was personally selected by Sylvester Stallone for his film Cobra. Stallone's decision for personally selecting music for the film was instrumental, eventually in the success of the film, proving choosing the right music matters and fans agreed supporting both the film and Stallone's choice of music. The initial response for Cobra was harsh by critics enticing the public to believe the film a failure. Fans responded slaying critics when Cobra debuted Memorial Day weekend #1 at the box office taking in over $15.6-million, more than double it's contender Top Gun and broke the previous years record held by Rambo Pt 2. "Feel the Heat" entered Billboard's Hot 100 in the US, hit the "Top 10" charts across Europe and Australia and was featured in heavy rotation on MTV and VH1 for months upon release. Cobra went on to become a huge financial success taking in over $160-million, over six times its original $25-million budget. The movie and soundtrack are still selling today with both receiving high reviews through Amazon and other outlets.

There are multiple videos for the "Feel the Heat" video available on YouTube and various other outlets. We have been tracking four of those videos over the past four months, with a fifth video added in May. At the close of business June 30, 2017, those monitored videos alone have amassed well over 1-million views. The fifth video was added on the Facebook site of Sylvester Stallone on May 8, 2017 where it remains in the feature for the film Cobra "CRIME IS A DISEASE....flashback or comeback? where fans are free to comment and share. In less than a one month period, since the interview with Debbie Mazella on May 15, 2017 and the posting on Stallone's Facebook site the monitored videos received 167,805 views.

Since Cobra, music by Jean Beauvoir has been in other successful films including Pet Sematary (Stephen King) School of Rock (Jack Black) Christmas with The Kranks (Tim Allen & Jamie Curtis) and Rock 'n Roll High School Forever to name a few.

His trademark Blonde Mohawk has been included in cartoons as well as other outlets throughout his career with the iconic look is still influencing generations of new, up and coming artist's today. Even NFL Superstar Odell Beckham Jr. is sporting a trademark Blonde Mohawk. During the interview Beauvoir talks about his career, Stallone selecting the single "Feel the Heat" for his film Cobra, his thoughts on the recent rumors Stallone is considering bringing Cobra back.

Some of the of the news and entertainment outlets featuring the press release include: Rock Music of the 90's | Metal and Rock Music | International Music Exchange | Music the Rock | Pure Volume | Before It's News | All Things Hip-Hop | Alt Music | Indie Music Scene | Indie Music | UK Music Makers | Alt Rock-n-Roll Aerosmith | Indie Extreme | Music Gorilla | Trak Headz | Alt Rock-n-Roll Classic | Rock On Request | Indie Extreme | Alive Music Rock | Pure Volume | Alive Not Dead | Digg and many others.

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