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The Return of Voodoo X

Exclusive Re-Release

At 1pm, Wednesday, October 18, 2017, the 365 Radio Network launched an exclusive re-release of the hard rock album Vol. 1: The Awakening by Voodoo X.

After the worldwide success of his solo career Jean Beauvoir decided to take his music in another direction forming Voodoo X, the first of his two hard rock bands. Voodoo X released Vol. 1: The Awaking paying tribute to his Haitian roots. When Columbia Records became aware of the project Beauvoir was immediately made an offer and Voodoo X was signed to Columbia.

The singles "Shocker" and "The Awakening" are featured in the blockbuster movie "Shocker" by Wes Craven. The album is considered "one of the best hard rock" albums of its era by music critics. The video for the single "Voodoo Queen" is a Rock Classic. You can read more about the album through the above link.

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