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Jean Beauvoir - Most Requested


The singles Nobody | The Healer | All I Wanna Do | Stay With Me | All or Nothing | Motorcycle Loretta | The One | Born to Be Wild by multi-platinum recording artist Jean Beauvoir are the most requested songs playing on various radio stations for the week beginning April, 17, 2017. These tracks are from his album "Faith" with his band Crown Of Thorns.

When the album "Faith" was released through Sony Red it was hailed by music critics and fans as "Probably the Best sounding Crown Of Thorns album ever." Many believe the album "Faith" brought back the trademark Crown Of Thorns sound as defined in the self titled "Crown Of Thorns" debut album as well as in the Crown Of Thorns "Lost Cathedral" album, keeping in tact all the elements of infectious guitar riffs, soaring hook lines and great melodies. The album "Faith" received heavy airplay on Rock radio stations and Sirius XM upon release. Listeners at various radio stations are once again requesting music form the album for airplay. The track “Rock Ready” from the album is featured in MTV’s ROCK BAND GAME and available for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii.

The singles No You Don't | Hike It Up | Winterland | Dying for Love by Jean Beauvoir are the most requested songs which have been spinning on various radio stations from his ground breaking "Crown Of Thorns" debut album.

The Jean Beauvoir band Crown Of Thorns resulted from a phone call by Jimmy Iovine of Interscope Records asking Beauvoir if he would be interested in recording a new solo album for Interscope. When word got out Beauvoir was writing and recording new material at the request of Iovine for Interscope it triggered a well publicized bidding war within the industry. Even Prince, a longtime fan of Beauvoir's from his Plasmatics days, who tried to hire Beauvoir as his bassist competed against the major labels bidding as high as $1-Million for the album rights. Due to a stipulation Prince placed on the offer to have a member change in the band, which Beauvoir declined, Interscope Records emerged the victor. When the highly anticipated album was released through other labels it was to critical acclaim . The album hit the Metal Charts one week after release where it stayed for six months. Kerrang! dubbed it “One of the Finest American Hard Rock" albums in recent years. Prince, who had also offered Beauvoir artist deals on several occasions remained a fan.

A resurgence in music from both albums with airplay and music features has been taking place over the last few months through various radio stations, featured promotions and featured interviews with Jean Beauvoir. Music from both albums are featured on various radio stations through the 365 Radio Network, playing in Canada through Revolution X Radio (Ontario) and other stations across the US, UK and Canada. "The One" by Jean Beauvoir was a featured song in February through "Songs That Make Your Heart Skip a Beat" by Debbie Mazzella, Program Director for Magic 98.3-New Jersey. "The One" was included with songs by other well known artists including Foo Fighters, Joan Jett, Journey, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Bon Jovi and many more.

"Dying for Love" | LIVE Performance | Graspop Festival (2016)

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