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"Best Thing" by Keith Secola Hits #6 - Top 10 Radio Charts

"Best Thing" by Keith Secola Hits #6 on the 365 Elite Radio Charts for the week ending March 24, 2017.

Hailed as the Godfather of Native Americana, Secola is a leading proponent of Independent musicians worldwide. His career began during a time when mainstream radio stations kept saying they didn't know how to market Native American music.

From his humble beginnings he has won numerous Native American Music Awards, A Lifetime Achievement Award, Choreographed the Winter Olympics and much more.

For his highly acclaimed, multi-award winning "Native Americana" album Secola convinced longtime friend John Densmore of The Doors to drum on the album. It was the first time Densmore had returned to the studio since The Doors using the same drum kit he used when recording "Light My Fire" with Jim Morrison.

Secola's most recent album "Life Is Grand" features the single "Say Your Name" a song written during a break in residential school trials in Canada. The impact of the victims testifying during the trials, yet being instructed they could not identify their abusers by name are the origins of the song as well as its title.

"Talk About You" by Keith Secola is his current album.

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