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Network Radio Party Draws Record

365 Radio Network Event Draws Record Audience

..A Featured Birthday Event for multi-platinum recording artist Jean Beauvoir hosted by the 365 Radio Network, Thursday Night, August 10, 2017 drew record listeners to the network as well as social media sites for the music icon. One of the network stations, WNDY 365 Radio reported a record audience of 400,000 listeners. As of this date the podcast for the event has received over 500,000 views.

The featured radio event was broadcast worldwide on all 17-365 Network Stations, other 365 affiliates and various 365 Radio Network outlets. During the event Beauvoir entertained listeners with stories throughout his career from his early days as a teenager to his multi-platinum solo career. Throughout the broadcast staff of the 365 Radio Network made posts on their Facebook of highlighting Beauvoir's career throughout the show. Posts by friends and fans began hitting Facebook pages shortly after airing began with some who were unfamiliar with the music of Jean Beauvoir or his career which further spawned conversations on various sites

Some of the songs featured during the birthday celebration include "UH! All Night" by KISS (songwriter, bass, vocals) "Winterland" (co-written with Paul Stanley) from the Jean Beauvoir debut Crown Of Thorns album that set off an industry bidding war that included a $1-million offer by Prince, "Forever" by Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul, "Feel the Heat" from his debut Drums Along the Mohawk album that sold 1.5-million copies when released, "Oh What A Thrill" by Chuck Berry, "Happy Birthday" by Beauvoir himself and many more. If you missed the event the podcast is available on the 365 Radio Network.

Over 72,800 listeners were still engaged on the station an hour after the event aired. The 365 Radio Network is a fully licensed, listener supported network of radio stations supporting some of the best music and artist's on the planet. The 365 Radio Network is a registered LLC Company.

**Jean Beauvoir Photos Courtesy of Brian Kreuser Photography & Paul A. Herbert**

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