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Vol. 1: The Awakening

It’s not often a band comes along and their debut album makes you sit up and take notice. For the Jean Beauvoir led band Voodoo X, this is the case. It is also the second time, back to back Beauvoir debut albums hit the charts eventually becoming part of music history.

According to one reviewer, Vol. 1: The Awakening is a melodic journey, powered by some blistering guitar work, stellar vocals, and great song writing. The album showers the listener in a downpour of melodies, and an attitude to die for. Every song has its rightful place on this album, and it should be in the collection of every hard rock fan.

When Jean Beauvoir (The Plasmatics) wanted a realistic video for the song "Voodoo Queen" to debut as a single he turned to his uncle Max Beauvoir. Although sacred voodoo rituals are not allowed to be captured on film, his uncle finally advised his nephew if he could capture what he needed during one of the sacred rituals it could be used for his video; and he had one shot at it. The result gave the world the Official Voodoo Queen Video, the only known recording for a song video filmed during an actual live voodoo ritual.

Max Beauvoir, well known as "The Pope of Voodoo" and the Haitian King of the Witch Doctor's is credited as the witch doctor who proved that zombies are real. A chance meeting between him and Harvard Professor Wade Davis led to a global fascination with the living dead after Davis wrote "The Serpent and The Rainbow" which Wes Craven made into a blockbuster movie starring Bill Pullman. The movie sparked a new generation of zombie movies, myths and horror stories. Max Beauvoir held one of the highest titles of Voodoo Priesthood, is well known as "The Godfather of Voodoo" and was head of Haiti's 6,000 witch doctor's upon his death in 2015.

The singles "Shocker" and "The Awakening" are featured in the movie "Shocker" by Wes Craven. The album is considered "one of the best hard rock" albums of its era by music critics. The video for the single "Voodoo Queen" is a Rock Classic.

In June 2017, One Riff Merchandising reached into their vaults selecting Vol. 1: The Awakening for a Rock Review. On July 18, 2017, AOR began promoting the official video "What Can I Do" from the album through various sources. On October 18, 2017, the album was re-released to radio. Radio Promotion

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