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"Whiplash" | #1 Top Ten Radio Charts

"Whiplash" | #1 Elite 365 Radio Charts | Week Ending May 13, 2017

..Whiplash by Jean Beauvoir is from his album American Trash | #1-Elite 365 Radio Network for the week ending May 13, 2017. The American Trash album (subtitled the Beauvoir Free project) with former writing partner Micki Free is one of several songs from the album to hit radio charts within the past month including "Angels Cry" | "Shotgun To The Heart" | "Cold Dark December" |"Stay With Me" | and 'Morning After" which has recently started spinning on several stations.

The 365 Radio Network broadcasts Independent Music Live from their studios in Dayton, OH and through their 17-affiliate stations providing worldwide promotions and airplay for artist's. The 365 Radio Network is fully licensed and listener supported with an average of over 54,000 users online at their main radio network site at any given time. The 365 Radio Network, their affiliated stations and their promotional network have an active Twitter following exceeding 188,000 active participants.

Photo Used with Permission

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