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"No You Don't" | Hits #3 Top 20 Charts

.."No You Don't" Hits #3 Top 20 Radio Charts

.."No You Don't" by Jean Beauvoir from his debut Crown of Thorns series of albums hit the Premium 365 Radio Network Charts June 17, 2017 entering the charts at #18. It moves into the #3 position this week.

The debut Crown Of Thorns album by Jean Beauvoir is proving to be as popular today as when it was originally released. Upon being re-released to a select few radio stations by Beauvoir within the past few months, music from the debut Crown Of Thorns album has reignited on various radio stations with several songs from the album hitting radio charts since being re-released.

During the original recording of the album, when word got out Beauvoir was writing and recording new material at the request of Jimmy Iovine for Interscope Records it triggered a well publicized bidding war within the music industry. Even Prince, a longtime fan of Beauvoir's from his Plasmatics days, who tried to hire Beauvoir as his bassist began competing against the major labels bidding as high as $1-Million for the album rights. Due to a stipulation Prince placed on the offer to have a member change in the band, which Beauvoir declined, Interscope Records emerged the victor.

Although the debut Crown Of Thorns album was not released by Interscope with other major labels who had received advanced copies stepping in offering deals, when it finally hit shops it was to critical acclaim. The album hit the Metal Charts one week after release where it stayed for six months. Kerrang! dubbed it “One of the Finest American Hard Rock" albums in recent years. Prince, who had also offered Beauvoir artist deals on several occasions remained a fan.

"No You Don't' and other songs from the debut Crown Of Thorns album which have been hitting radio charts over the past few months proves you just can't hide great music.

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