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"Drive You Home" | Hits #7 Top 30 Charts

.."Drive You Home" Hits #7 - Top 30 Chart

The single "Drive You Home" which hit music charts this week is featured on an album that became part of music history, Drums Along the Mohawk by multi-platinum recording artist Jean Beauvoir.

After leaving the Plasmatics Jean Beauvoir turned down offers by Prince and Billy Idol to pursue a solo career. When none of the labels would take a chance on a Plasmatics who wanted to sing, Steven Van Zandt convinced him to join his group Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul.

When he left the Little Steven & The Disciples of Souls a few years later he was introduced to Gary Kurfirst (The Eurythmics, Talking Heads) and Richard Branson of Virgin Records who offered him his own label with Virgin/Columbia Records for his solo debut album "Drums Along the Mohawk' giving him full creative control.

While the video "Feel the Heat" on the "Drums Along the Mohawk" album was being mixed at a Hollywood studio Sylvester Stallone happened to walk by hearing and seeing the video for the single being mixed. It resulted in Stallone personally selected the single for his film Cobra.

When "Feel The Heat" caught the attention of Columbia Records President Al Teller he immediately offered Beauvoir a U.S. deal for the album which he and Branson both made a priority release. The song was eventually selected as the title track for the movie and the Stallone trailer, which at the time received the largest worldwide advertising and promotional budget for a Hollywood film to date.

With the exception of a few guest appearances by Mick Jones (Foreigner) and Tommy Lafferty who had been working for Beauvoir for many years, the debut solo album "Drums Along the Mohawk" upon release the following year went multi-platinum.

The initial reception for Cobra was harsh by critics enticing the public to believe the film a failure. Fans responded slaying critics when Cobra debuted Memorial Day weekend #1 at the box office taking in over $15.6-million, more than double its contender Top Gun and broke the previous year's record set by Rambo Part 2.

"Feel the Heat" entered Billboard's Hot 100 in the US, hit the "Top 10" charts across Europe and Australia and was featured in heavy rotation on MTV and VH1 for months upon release. Cobra went on to become a huge financial success taking in over $160-million, over six times its original $25-million budget. The movie and soundtrack are still selling today with both receiving high reviews through Amazon and other outlets.

In addition to the popularity of "Feel the Heat" various other songs on the album "Drums Along the Mohawk" became fan favorites including "Missing the Young Days", "Nina" "This is Our House" and others. Since Beauvoir released the album again to a select few radio stations music from the album has once again been catching the attention of music fans and radio programmers alike.

Today, due to his time spent with the Plasmatics during their most popular times with the band and his longtime affiliation as a songwriter and producer for the legendary Ramones Jean Beauvoir is considered one of the Godfather's of Punk & Metal. The Plasmatics. Both bands today are hailed as two of the most Revolutionary, Ground Breaking Bands in Music History. The Plasmatics, were dubbed the "World's Greatest Punk Band" by news outlets during their reign on the new, underground music movement that swept the world. The Ramones who had their own massive following are now considered "one of the world's greatest Punk bands" as well.

This week "Drive You Home" from the album "Drums Along the Mohawk" Hit #7 on the Top 30 Chart on the 365 Indie Radio through the 365 Radio Network. The 365 Radio Network is a fully licensed, listener supported network of radio stations supporting some of the best music independent artist's.

One of the Music Videos for "Feel The Heat" from Drums Along the Mohawk is currently being promoted on Sylvester Stallone's Facebook site where he is promoting the Cobra film CRIME IS A DISEASE ...flashback or comeback? where fans of Stallon can view and comment.

Since his time with the Plasmatics and the Ramones Jean Beauvoir has collaborated also written and/or produced hits with the KISS, John Waite, Debbie Harry, NSYNC, Lionel Richie, Nile Rodgers, Desmond Child, Doro Pesch and many others, including five Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame inductees. His music has been included in well known, successful films throughout his solo career including Cobra (Sylvester Stallone) - Pet Sematary (Stephen King) - School of Rock (Jack Black) - RV (Robin Williams) - Christmas with the Kranks (Tim Allen, Jamie Lee Curtis and Dan Aykroyd) - Rock 'n Roll High School Forever and many more. He is ranked "One of Music's Most Influential Black Rocker's" - Guitar Magazine.

Watch for our upcoming video "A History of Punk & Metal" with Jean Beauvoir Part 1 coming soon.

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