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Faith | Hits #3 Top 30 Music Chart

..The album "Faith" is hailed by music critics as probably one of the best sounding Jean Beauvoir Crown Of Thorns albums bringing back the trademark Crown Of Thorns sound as defined in the self titled debut album as well as in the Crown Of Thorns "Lost Cathedral" album.

One of the popular albums in the Jean Beauvoir Crown Of Thorns series of albums, "Faith" is full of infectious guitar riffs, soaring hook lines and great melodies. Upon its initial release through Sony Red (US) music on the album began receiving heavy airplay on Rock radio stations and SIRIUS FM. “Rock Ready” another popular track from the album is featured in MTV’s ROCK BAND GAME and is available for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii.

Music from the album "Faith" is part of a recent re-release of music by Beauvoir from his music vault and vast music catalog. Since re-releasing music to a select few stations he has been watching a renewed interest in music from several of his albums being requested by fans as well as added into rotation on various stations, including an increase in interest on Internet Radio.

This week "All I Wanna Do" from the album Faith once again has started hitting music charts. This week "All I Wanna Do" from the popular album "Faith" by the Jean Beauvoir led band Crown of Thorns hit #3 on the Elite 365 Radio through the 365 Radio Network.

The 365 Radio Network is a fully listened, listener supported radio network supporting the best Independent music and artist's.

"All I Wanna Do" | #3 Top 30 Chart

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