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"One of the Best of American Hard Rock"

..Debut Album Added to 102.7 WSNR

..It's not New Rock, It's Not Old Rock, It's Just Simply Great Rock


.To feel lightening strike more than once in different genres proves the age old saying, some are just born with a gift. One teenager who believed, against all odds, anything was possible followed those lightening bolts straight into Punk, Metal, Pop, Rock and all few other things throughout his storied career including DooWop.

Today, Saturday, August 5, 2017, 102.7 WSNR Radio joined the ranks of radio stations who are proving you just can't keep great music from being heard. 102.7 WSNR Radio, Brooklyn, New York, announced the debut Crown Of Thorns album from the Jean Beauvoir Crown Of Thorns series of albums has been selected for airplay with all singles from the album being placed in rotation. Since Beauvoir began re-releasing music from several albums to select radio stations earlier this year music fans have been making requests for various songs on the album enough to keep it the Top 10 across several radio charts. Faith, another popular album from the Crown Of Thorns series has been hitting charts as well.

The debut Crown Of Thorns album, one of his more popular albums from the Crown Of Thorns series became part of ROCK history after setting off a highly publicized bidding war within the industry when word got out Beauvoir had accepted an offer by Jimmy Iovine to record something for Interscope Records. Even Prince, a longtime fan of the Plasmatics placed a $1-Million bid for the rights to the album.

Although the album was not released by Interscope when it hit record shops it was to critical acclaim. Kerrang! dubbed it "One of the finest American Hard Rock albums in recent years" with it entering the Metal Charts one week after release where it stayed for six months. The band sold out their London Showcase at the Famous Marquis Club. Shortly afterwards Beauvoir received an invitation from Jon Bon Jovi to join his European tour with Van Halen, Slash and others on the bill where they played to millions in stadiums around Europe.

Originally with the Plasmatics, the most outrageous, controversial, successful Punk Rock band ever Jean Beauvoir went onto a multi-platinum solo career while writing and/or producing hits for other artist's including KISS, Lionel Richie, John Waite and many others including being a longtime songwriter and producer for the legendary Ramones. Today, Beauvoir is featured on over 200-albums with over 40-million albums sold worldwide and counting. He is ranked as one of music's "Top 50 Most Influential Black Rockers" in history, who lives to tell the stories the way they really happened.

"One of the Finest American Hard Rock Albums in Recent Years" Kerrang!

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