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Metal Radio Features Jean Beauvoir

Jean Beauvoir • Crown Of Thorns • Paul Stanley • All Indianz Promotions

Featured by Metal 365 Radio • A 365 Network Radio Station

"Winterland" written by Jean Beauvoir and Paul Stanley (KISS) is a featured track on the debut Crown Of Thorns album. When Beauvoir began re-releasing music from his Crown Of Thorns catalogs earlier this year several singles from the debut Crown Of Thorns album as well as the Crown Of Thorns 'Faith' album he began watching a renewed interest in music from those album by music fans globally. Music from both albums began generating listener requests on various network stations almost immediately after being released to the network. Those listener requests have been catapulting songs from both albums into the Top 10, Top 5 and #1 positions on various 365 Radio Network Stations Top 30 and Top 20 Charts all year.

In addition to music from his Crown Of Thorns series of albums multiple songs from the solo debut album "Drums Along the Mohawk" by Jean Beauvoir have been hitting the same charts on various 365 Radio Network Stations as well. "Feel the Heat" (Cobra Soundtrack), "Missing the Young Days", " Same Song Plays On and On" "Nobody", This Is Our House" and others.

The music captured on the album "Drums Along the Mohawk" appears to be as much a fan favorite today as when the album was first released. The single "Feel the Heat" is currently featured on the Facebook site of Sylvester Stallone in a feature for the movie Cobra titled Crime Us A Disease.. Flashback or Comeback. The promotion is open for fan comments.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the 365 Radio Network for their support. The Metal 365 Radio Feature is available for viewing on the Metal 365 Radio Twitter account.

Jean Beauvoir | Official

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