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"Morning After" | Radio Debut Canada

.."Morning After" by Jean Beauvoir off his album American Trash debuted on several stations during the past week. It began spinning on Revolution X Radio, Canada a 100% All Request Rock & Metal station covering Ontario and surrounding areas.

Music from the album "American Trash" by Jean Beauvoir debuted on Revolution x Radio at 9pm EST April 20, 2017. "Angels Cry" reached the 2nd Most Requested Song on the station for the week ending May 6, 2017.

Music from the "American Trash" album also debuted on various stations through the 365 Radio Network almost simultaneously with the Canadian station on April 20, 2017. The popular single has been receiving increased airplay on the listener supported stations over the past few weeks along with other singles from the album including "Morning After" which is now spinning on several of their affiliate stations.

The highly anticipated American Trash album, a musical collaboration with former writing partner Micki Free (subtitled the Beauvoir/Free project) was well received when released by Frontiers Records. Upon release, Classic Rock Magazine "AOR" featured a five page retrospective on Beauvoir's career featuring the album which received 9 out of 10 favorable reviews from all major rock magazines including Classic Rock UK. Since its release, music from the album "American Trash" has continued to receive high marks and positive reviews from music critics, radio and fans alike with more stations becoming aware of the music.

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